Feb 242016

Nodes of Yesod for tvOS/AppleTV is now here in all its retro glory!

Guide Astro Charlie through various moon caverns, defeating many monsters on your way. Collect 8 Alchiems to complete your quest!
In this enhanced version of the classic 8-bit retro platform game, you will find the complete original game, along with an enhanced version containing new graphics, new gameplay features, new audio, music remixes, and more!


  • Classic mode, with original 8-bit graphics
  • Enhanced mode featuring:
    • Enhanced graphics
    • Remixed music
    • Help system
    • Map mode
    • New game features
    • Resume feature to automatically save your progress
    • Support for Siri remote and official gamepad controllers (extended profile)
    • Find the Monolith, and help Astro Charlie escape from the moon!

Nodes of Yesod for AppleTV is $2.99

Note: unfortunately, there seems to be no way to link to the AppleTV App Store on the web, so the only way to find Nodes of Yesod is to do a search from the App Store on device.






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